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Eco-Friendly Classic


The clients had specific requirements due to their interest in the environment. They wanted eco-friendly products, and wanted to know where these had come from. 

They wished to update the kitchen to a modern, sleek design, with an island added, as well as a large amount of storage. The clients had very specific needs for cabinet sizes to accomodate key appliances in their home. They wanted high end products that matched their exceptional taste.

Old Kitchen:

Their original kitchen was inefficient and didn't suit their needs. It was also very dated. It is in a beautifully decorated home, so the kitchen let down the rest of the house. This was a very unusual shaped kitchen with different ceiling levels, and no island originally.


The Cambridge Kitchens team designed a kitchen that was custom built to the clients requirements. An island was added, cabinetry was custom made and installed, and the fresh, modern colours brought this kitchen up to the standard of the rest of the home. 

A hot water cylinder was installed in the sink cabinet for instant hot water, and to save energy. Their butlers sink was installed in a custom made cabinet that could support the weight. 

All appliances and products were chosen due to their eco-rating, with a focus on carbon footprint and eco-friendly materials. 

The end result is a modern, sleek, efficient kitchen that the clients are so pleased with. It was a pleasure to work with these clients!




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